Wicken Community Fund

Wicken Community Fund was set up in 2005 by the late Sir Joseph Pope. He created the Fund to help stimulate and support community activity in the Parish and community.

He grew up in Upware and Wicken and after the untimely death of his father circa 1920, never forgot the kindness the community gave in supporting himself and his mother during his childhood. 

He went on to study, through scholarships, at Kings College London and became a pioneering engineer in education and research. He held posts at Queens Belfast and Nottingham University where much of his work is credited. He created his own engineering teaching business which still thrives today. He also became Vice Chancellor of Aston University where his focus was always on educational opportunities. He died in 2013.

It must be noted that Sir Joseph set specific qualification criteria with the main aim that contributions are used for the benefit of the community but not religious groups. Donations made so far include: the purchase of chairs with arms for the village hall, the multi-media system and hearing loop in the village hall, two additional marquees, wooden benches in Wicken and Upware, acted as third party funder alongside other grant applications for the hall and play equipment, contributions to Swallowtails activities.