Pond Green Wildlife Meadow

This year the Parish Council have kindly supported creating the Pond Green Wildlife Meadow.

The area in front of numbers 42 and 44 High Street (near the children's play park) will be left unmown until the autumn to allow the grass to grow longer to support our local wildlife. It’s a bit of an experiment to see what plants will grow, how long the grass will become and exactly what wildlife will be encouraged. If all goes well we hope that this will become an annual project and that the variety of plants and wildlife will increase over time.

As the grass grows longer (hot weather and droughts allowing) a meandering path will be mown through – this is both for human and wildlife benefits.

We are hoping that even this small patch of land will help our local wildlife in different ways, mainly by providing food for insects, birds and mammals. It will be really interesting to see what species use the area – two we are really hoping to see more of are our local hedgehogs who are having a tough time and spotted flycatchers who migrate a whopping 4,500 miles from Angola. These tiny birds have been suffering a catastrophic decline in numbers (down 95% since 1967) in part because of declines in insects. However a pair have nested around Pond Green for at least the last three years and raised 4 chicks in 2020 so fingers crossed they make it back and enjoy a few more local insects this year!

We would love to hear what wildlife the village spot in and around the area so please get in touch.

Caroline, Lewis and Archie Robinson