COVID-19 Newsletter

Wicken Parish Council Newsletter
April 2020

Dear Resident

In this time of restriction and change, we want to make sure no-one is missing vital information or the opportunity to take part in the positive initiatives that are happening to help everyone living in Wicken, Padney and Upware.

Most information is being disseminated online via social media; however we know many of you do not have access to this medium so we’d like to bring everyone up-to-date with the most important information through this Newsletter.

As this situation could last some time, we want to be sure no-one is struggling or left isolated.
We ask that neighbours check on each other regularly and offer mutual support and share information, especially if you are connected online but your neighbour is not, and do contact the Wicken, Ely Covid-19 Support Network if you need assistance.

Refuse collections are continuing as normal, however the recycling centres are closed. East Cambs is posting regular updates on their website: 

Even the Parish Council is having to work completely differently. We can no longer meet in person, so we are having to use technology to hold meetings and keep in touch.

Our parish council website has had a makeover and been relaunched We even have our own Facebook page! Look out for regular updates on both sites, and links to other groups in the Parish.

The latest Around & About will be posted electronically on the Parish website. Do look out for it in early April.

Medical centres

The latest information from Staploe Medical Centre about appointments and prescriptions:

  • More phone and video consultations
  • The main way to contact the surgery is now via AskMyGP for Staploe and by phone for Burwell and Haddenham.
  • Reduced services
    Some appointments have been cancelled as teams help people who may have contracted Covid-19 and to minimise the spread of Covid-19.
  • Prescription changes
    Please do not order your repeats early or stock-pile medication. Request them no more than 10 days before you are due to run out. Only 1 months’ worth of medication will be issued. Use the Wicken Covid-19 support group to help with this.

Protecting yourself and your family

The best way to protect yourself and your family is to follow the Government guidelines on social distancing, self-isolation if someone in your household develops symptoms, and washing your hands frequently.

Government support for families

The Government have set up a fund of £500 million to support households experiencing financial hardship and provide council tax relief for people receiving Local Council Tax Support. The fund will be managed by local councils. In our case this will be East Cambs District Council.

Above all, please everyone, keep well. Keep safe.

Liz Houghton
Chair, Wicken Parish Council